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Looking for a dentist in Arthur? We're accepting new patients! Learn more about our clinic and what you can expect during your first visit, along with payment and financing options.

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Initial Examination

Your dentist will begin by reviewing your medical and dental history and administering a comprehensive dental exam. This exam will include a thorough examination of your gums, teeth, bite and jaw, an oral cancer screening and any required x-rays.

Based on these results and your history, your dentist will create a long-term dental treatment plan for you. We will also answer your questions about your oral health and treatment options.

Insurance & Payment Methods

At Arthur Dental, we offer direct billing to insurance companies, and we'll help you navigate our options for payment so you can focus on getting the dental care you need.

  • Direct Billing to Insurance

    We offer direct billing with most insurance plans. For your convenience, we can submit your insurance claim electronically, which results in faster reimbursement, without needing for paper forms or signatures.

    Our administrative team can assist you in understanding your insurance plan better and can also send estimates to your insurance company prior to starting any major dental treatments. 

    Please bring your insurance plan information to your appointment.

  • Payment Methods

    Any co-pays or amounts not covered by your insurance are your responsibility, and must be paid at the time of your appointment.

    We accept payment by cash, cheque, debit or most major credit cards.

Office FAQS

Read the FAQs to learn more about what you can expect at Arthur Dental

Patient Testimonials

  • 18 years ago my dentist was about to retire, he was turning his practice over to a very young recent graduate of dentistry. I have always been one of those people that goes into a panic when I have to go to the dentist due to bad experiences as a child. In any case, Dr. Gold introduced me to Dr. Kim and right from the first moment I met him I felt a sense of ease and comfort. It's difficult to put into words but somehow I just sensed that he would be gentle and understanding. I have been with Dr. Kim since 1996 when he was working in Mississauga. Shy of Dr. Kim leaving the province, I would pretty much follow him wherever he goes. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kim to everyone, young and old as he is without a doubt the best dentist I have ever gone to and will continue to go to.
    - Elisa Fidani

New Patients Always Welcome

Looking for a dentist in Arthur? We're happily accepting new patients at our dental clinic! Contact us to get started today. 

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