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Patient Testimonials

We invite you to browse through these comments from patients of Arthur Dental.

  • I am writing to thank you for making me smile. Changing my smile, albeit imperfect, was initially a difficult decision. I had it for 33 years! Your patience and real concern about what I wanted to have changed was the reason I finally decided to go for it. I felt confident that you knew what you were doing and that you had my best interest in mind. The procedure was painless and the time commitment was reasonable. It has been about a month since you veneered my six front teeth and ever since I have been meaning to let you know how it has changed me. I tend to smile constantly which leads everyone to question why am I so happy. This has created a fun atmosphere with my peers. Some still don't know why! I have more confidence and have actually been able to translate that into new job opportunities. I know that this seems crazy but I really feel that when I smile people are more open to listen to what I have to say. It is unbelievable. Again, thank you so much for helping me take this step and making it so worthwhile.
    - Linda Manko
  • Dr. Kim is the best dentist I have ever had. His work is as pain–free as dentistry can be. His manner is friendly and caring. All of the staff are the same. I have no complaints what so ever, and if I moved I would still travel to make use of this dental office.
    - Wendy Barrett
  • In the many years my sons and I have been coming to Dr. Kim (first in Mississauga, now in Arthur) we have always been more than satisfied with the care we have received. Dr. Kim and his staff are always willing to go “above and beyond” to ensure that our care is exemplary. Dr. Kim isn’t just a good dentist – he is also a very kind and personable human being. We don’t dread going to the dentist. We look forward to seeing him.
    - Norma Graham
  • Hats off to Dr. Kim for bringing his educated and highest standard procedures to Arthur Dental. Compared to past procedures it certainly shows he puts 100% into his work ethics and expects the same from his employees. One thing I really respect about him is, he tells it like it is, good or bad and is eager to get the problem solved with your approval. I cannot believe the technology that is used in his office. I find the office first and foremost very clean, nicely decorated and has a warm atmosphere. The staff are friendly and accommodating. I am very pleased with the improvement Dr. Kim has given to my smile.
    - Anna Langdon
  • My husband and I and our two children have been patients of Dr. Kim's since 2006 and have always been very impressed with him. The kids always like being able to watch a movie or TV program of their choice while lying back in the dental chair. Everyone is very kind and gentle. Going to the dentist is NOT scary at Dr. Kim's.
    - Vanessa Graber
  • We love Dr. Kim so much that my son is hoping to become a dentist. All of my children are thoroughly comfortable with him and his staff, thank goodness as we should earn frequent flyer miles.
    - Shirley Coffey
  • Since transferring to Dr. Kim's office from my previous dentist in Cambridge, I must say I am pleased and impressed with the level of service and ability along with the warm and friendly staff. It was a good decision.
    - Roy Bailey
  • Our family thanks Dr. Andrew Kim and the staff of Arthur Dental. We fully appreciate the professional care received in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Kim and staff are capable of putting anyone at ease! We value the thoroughness & patience with which Dr. Kim illustrates available options and procedures, allowing us to make an informed decision that works for us.
    - The Booi Family
  • 18 years ago my dentist was about to retire, he was turning his practice over to a very young recent graduate of dentistry. I have always been one of those people that goes into a panic when I have to go to the dentist due to bad experiences as a child. In any case, Dr. Gold introduced me to Dr. Kim and right from the first moment I met him I felt a sense of ease and comfort. It's difficult to put into words but somehow I just sensed that he would be gentle and understanding. I have been with Dr. Kim since 1996 when he was working in Mississauga. Shy of Dr. Kim leaving the province, I would pretty much follow him wherever he goes. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kim to everyone, young and old as he is without a doubt the best dentist I have ever gone to and will continue to go to.
    - Elisa Fidani
  • Awesome dentist! They say it's worth the drive to Acton, well I say it's worth the drive to Arthur. Our family lives in Terra Cotta near Georgetown and Brampton, we could use any dentist close by but choose to drive to Arthur only because of Dr. Kim and his wonderful staff. The environment is clean and modern. He is just a great guy and a great dentist and my 2 kids love him.
    - The Bobechko Family
  • Dr. Kim, I have a very high regard for your skills and competence as a dentist as well as the friendliness and fairness you show to your patients. It was my good fortune to have been directed to you by a respected endodontist after I'd suffered incompetent and damaging dental work from the man who bought the practice of my retired long-time dentist. I am very grateful for the fine repairs you made during many hours of painstaking work then, as well as for the continued fine treatment you have provided me in the last dozen years. I was genuinely disappointed when you moved your practice from Mississauga to Arthur, but I am nonetheless happy to continue to drive the 1 ½ hours each way to obtain your excellent care.
    - Stan Porter
  • Dr. Kim, Associates and Staff provide the perfect blend of small town friendliness and modern progressive facilities and treatments. While a dental appointment is rarely something any of us look forward to, each time myself or my family have been to Dr. Kim's office, we are assured of being treated with professionalism and a caring attitude. Thanks!
    - Donna Holinshead
  • Dr. Kim, you are by far the best dentist I have ever had that I can’t imagine having anyone else caring for my teeth. I could always count on you to eliminate any fears and toothaches I have had. I also still remember how you made my teeth beautifully white for my wedding day. Now that Tony and I have two little children in our lives (2.5 years and 16 months), we look forward to introducing them to you when it's time for their very first dental appointment.
    - Rose Gomes
  • Dr. Kim is an exceptional dentist whose expertise and extraordinary patient care is unmatched. His consistently professional and personable approach easily earns your trust and respect. His commitment to delivering quality dental care and service excellence is unwavering and where comfort and confidence is a consistent client experience. Supported by a talented client-focused team and state-of-the-art equipment, it’s definitely worth the drive from Mississauga to Arthur.
    - Mary Dicaro
  • We have been patients of Dr. Kim for many years, starting with his practice in Mississauga. Dr. Kim is a talented dentist, does excellent work and is committed to his patients. When Dr. Kim moved his family and practice to the Arthur area we tried several other dentists in our neighbourhood but found we could not trust our dental care to anyone other than Dr. Kim. We continue to see Dr. Kim regularly and travel from Brampton to do so. It’s definitely worth it.
    - The Hartwick Family

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